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Recommended by Chef

Bouillon with meat dumplings8 zł
Beef sirloin Grand Marnier (served with French fries and salad)39 zł
Roast duck with red wine sauce (served with dumplings and red cabbage)36 zł
Pork tenderloin with honey mustard dressing (served with dumplings and Shopska salad)32 zł
The range of meats - 3 types of meat (served with fried potatoes and salad)26 zł
Poultry medallion roasted with tomato and mozzarella cheese (served with French fries and coleslaw)24 zł
Salmon stewed in white wine sauce with capers and dill (served with rice and assorted vegetables)32 zł
Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream10 zł


Carpaccio with parmesan cheese and capers100 g19,00 zł
Steak tartare100/80 g21,00 zł
Herring in three sauces120 g12,00 zł
Fried Camembert with cranberry200 g14,00 zł
Chicken liver with onion130 g9,00 zł


Broth with noodles300 g6,00 zł
Tomato soup with rice or noodles200 g6,50 zł
Beetroot soup with croquette200/100 g8,50 zł
Silesian cream soup300 g8,50 zł
French onion soup with croutons200/50 g7,50 zł
Cream of mushroom soup with puff peas200 g7,50 zł
Chitterlings300 g12,00 zł
Poultry goulash300 g12,00 zł

Poultry Dishes

Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli150g17,00 zł
Chicken fillet with mushrooms a'la escalopes150g16,50 zł
Grilled fillets with garlic butter150g15,50 zł
Grilled fillet with bacon150 g16,50 zł
Cutlet de volaille150g16,00 zł


Shoarma pork with grilled vegetables baked cheese with garlic sauce150/150 g24,00 zł
Poultry shoarma in grilled vegetablesm z sosem czosnkowym150/150 g23,00 zł


Roulades stuffed with cabbage in mushroom sauce150g27,00 zł
Sirloin in chanterelle sauce150g26,00 zł
Swiss cutlet150g16,00 zł
Roast pork neck150g13,00 zł
Breaded cutlet chop150g12,00 zł
Roasted pork knucklew/w 100 g4,20 zł
Boiled pork knucklew/w 100 g3,60 zł

Fish dishes

Zander sautew/w 100 g13,00 zł
Grilled salmon with pesto and almondsw/w 100 g12,50 zł
Trout from the ovenw/w 100 g8,00 zł
Breaded cod filletw/w 100 g9,00 zł


Veal cutlet with egg150g28,00 zł
Medallions with plum sauce150g28,00 zł
“Frykasiki” on toast, baked with Gouda150g32,00 zł
Chops in sauce with wild mushrooms
150g29,00 zł


Beef roulade (served with dumplings and red cabbage) 150 g7,50 zł
Steak in mushroom sauce180 g33,00 zł
Spicy steak180 g31,00 zł
Steak in green pepper180 g31,00 zł
Rump steak with onions180 g29,00 zł
Bryzol with champignons180 g29,00 zł

Potato pancakes

Hungarian potato pancake (served with salad)400 g14,00 zł
Mexican potato pancake (served with salad)400 g14,00 zł
Highlander's potato pancake (served with salad) 400 g16,00 zł
Potato pancake with mushroom sauce (served with salad)300 g11,00 zł
Potato pancakes3 pcs. 7,00 zł


Dumplings with meat8 pcs.10,00 zł
Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms8 pcs.10,00 zł
Russian dumplings8 pcs.10,00 zł


White cabbage salad150 g3,00 zł
Chinese cabbage salad150 g3,00 zł
Carrot salad150 g3,00zł
Celery salad150 g4,00 zł
Browned cabbage150 g4,00 zł
Beetroot salad150 g4,00 zł
Red cabbage150 g4,00 zł
Set of salads200 g5,00 zł
Fried vegetables200 g6,00 zł
Bunch of vegetables200 g6,00 zł
Cucumber salad200 g6,00 zł


Greek Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peppers, olives, red onion, feta cheese, aromatic herbs, meadow vinaigrette)300 g15,00 zł
Nicoise Salad (lettuce, tuna in gravy, tomato, green beans, new potatoes, olives, red onion, egg, clearing vinaigrette)300 g20,00 zł
Caesar with chicken (lettuce, grilled chicken fillet, croutons, parmesan, clearing cocktail sauce with brandy)300 g16,00 zł
With grilled tenderloin (lettuce, grilled pork tenderloin, red pepper, red onion, potato, meadow with garlic mayonnaise sauce)300 g19,00 zł


With strawberry or chocolate sauce3 szt.8,00 zł
With cheese2 szt.9,00 zł
With spinach2 szt.9,50 zł
With feta cheese and spinach2 szt.12,00 zł
With vegetables2 szt.12,00 zł
Gyros pancakes 2 szt.14,00 zł

Side orders

Potatoes200 g3,00 zł
Purée200 g5,00 zł
Refried potatoes200 g4,00 zł
Chips200 g4,00 zł
Dumpling200 g4,00 zł
Rice200 g3,00 zł
Bread100 g2,00 zł
Mustard, horseradish, ketchup50 ml1,00 zł
Butter20 g1,00 zł


Ice cream cup with fruit Delicacies9,00 zł
Delicacies ice cream with chocolate sauce7,00 zł
Delicacies ice cream with nuts and dried fruits strawberry topping7,00 zł
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries9,00 zł
Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream10,00 zł

Hot beverages

Cup3,00 zł
Mug4,00 zł
Jug5,00 zł
Lavazza espresso5,00 zł
Lavazza white5,00 zł
Nescafe instant4,00 zł
Jacobs brewed4,00 zł
Cappuccino6,00 zł
Latte7,00 zł
With advocat8,50 zł

Cold drinks

Pepsi, Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tonik200 ml4,00 zł
Mineral water250 ml 4,00 zł
Juice: orange , black currant, grapefruit, apple200 ml 4,00 zł
Lipton Ice Tea Lemon, Peach, Green, Nestea Lemon, Peach200 ml4,00 zł


Tyskie draft0,5 l5,00 zł
Tyskie draft0,3 l4,00 zł
Tyskiebut. 0,5 l6,00 zł
Tyskie but. 0,33 l5,00 zł
Lechbut. 0,5 l6,00 zł
Lechbut. 0,33 l5,00 zł
Lech alkohol freebut. 0,33 l5,00 zł
Gingersbut. 0,5 l6,00 zł
Redd'sbut. 0,33 l5,00 zł
Karmibut. 0,4 l6,00 zł
Beer mulled with spices and honey 0,5 l 7,00 zł
Mulled Galician 200 ml12,00 zł
Juice beer0,50 zł


Finlandia40 ml5,00 zł
Wyborowa40 ml4,00 zł
Żołądkowa gorzka40 ml3,00 zł
Olmeca Blanco40 ml15,00 zł
Martini Bianco100 ml6,00 zł
Martini Rosso100 ml6,00 zł
Martini Rosse100 ml6,00 zł
Martini Extra Dry100 ml6,00 zł
Campari40 ml7,00 zł
Jagermeiser40 ml5,00 zł
Johnie Walker Red Label 40 ml8,00 zł
Ballantine's40 ml10,00 zł
Chivas Regal40 ml11,00 zł
Jack Daniel's40 ml12,00 zł
Lubuski40 ml4,00 zł
Metaxa*****40 ml8,00 zł
Hennessy V.S.40 ml12,00 zł
Amaretto40 ml8,00 zł
Adwokat40 ml4,00 zł
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From Tuesday to Friday we recommend dish of the day: soup and main course at a total cost of 15 zł.